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Shower Remodeling Ideas to Consider

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For those who don’t know, you can improve the value of your house by 70% if you perform major alterations and changes to your bathroom. Of course, if you want to remodel your bathroom, you need to start with the shower first.  

The bathtub and the shower are the areas where people clean themselves. A comfortable bath helps people relax. On the other hand, a hot shower in the morning helps people wake up and prepare.  

From a more efficient shower to a luxurious bathtub, you’ve got a lot of options if you plan to remodel your shower. Here is several Vacaville shower remodel ideas you can consider: 

Natural Elements 

A lot of homeowners are going back to basics with the design of their shower, from stone to wood. If you want your shower to really stand out and add a unique warmth, your best bet is natural elements.  

When they are done properly, wood-panel showers are great. If you want versatility, consider stone. You can utilize various forms of stone on the floor and walls.  

You can make your shower appear more spa-like using stone. This depends on the color and type of the stone utilized. 

Pick a Steam Shower 

There are a lot of benefits you can get with steam showers. This includes cleaner pores and improved circulation. Because of this, steam showers are becoming more and more popular these days.  

You can either add the steam to your existing shower or install a separate one. 

Add Color 

Nobody said that your shower has to be boring and bland. Though tie-dye styles might be extremely loud, you can do wonders for your shower if you add a pop of color. Choose a colored tile. Blue and green works great in the shower.  

Also, you can look for showerheads that change the water’s color if you want to go all-in. 

Industrial Showers 

One major trend in interior design are steampunk and industrial chic. You can produce an extremely modern shower if you use rustic and industrial features. To achieve the industrial look, you need to emphasize particular areas with oversized bolts and nuts.  

It is ideal to balance the industrial factors with warm-toned paint or tiles. You can make your bathroom appear too rustic and cold if you add too many industrial elements.  

Doorless Showers 

Are you planning to renovate your small bathroom shower? If so, consider a doorless shower. Getting rid of the shower door and the curtain opens up even the smallest bathroom. 

Don’t worry about spilling water all over the floor. A professional remodeling contractor can make alterations to lower the amount of spilled water. They might utilize showerheads that avoid spilling water or install multiple drains.  

Transparent glass doors offer the same effect if you want to have a bigger shower but don’t like the doorless shower style.  

Multiple Shower Heads 

If you want to achieve a spa-like shower, consider adding multiple showerheads. This produces a rain-life effect. It aims at your entire body instead of just the top of your head. You can make your shower more interesting if you’ve got a lot of showerheads.  

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