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The Dangers of Trees for Your Kids and Pets

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Trees are amazing. This is certainly true. They grow for generations, look elegant, prevent erosion, and offer shade, just to name a few of their amazing advantages. However, homeowners need to be wary of the risks trees present to their kids and pets.  

Today, we’re going to share with you how trees can hurt your kids and pets. If you want to avoid them, all you’ve got to do is to open your favorite search engine and type in “tree service near me”. 

Toxic Trees 

Almost all species of trees do not present a direct threat to children and pets. Unfortunately, if you own a horse, they can be poisoned by yew trees, maple trees, and black walnut trees.  

However, you should keep your children from eating any bark or leaves from trees just to be safe. Leaves and bark might contain fungus, bacteria, or other possible hazards.  

Pests and Insects 

Old tree stumps and living trees can be host to spiders, ants, bees, and other pests. Kids, dogs, and cats can all be hurt by insect bites and stings. On several occasions, a bite or sting can result in life-threatening allergic reactions. At the very least, wasp stings and ant bites can be extremely painful.  

Have the tree removed for the safety of your whole family if you’ve got a dead one on your property. Keep a close eye on living trees for indications of pest infestations such as: 

  • Unusual growths 
  • Damage to bark or leaves by insects 
  • Visible wasp nests 

Keep in mind that insect infestations can affect the tree’s health as well. 

Broken Branches and other Debris 

Severe weather can damage a tree. This results in falling branches. On serious occasions, it can lead to the total collapse of the tree. Both are extremely dangerous situations that can affect both children and pets. You shouldn’t allow your dogs, cats, or children to play outside under trees. This is particularly true after: 

  • Heat waves 

Hot weather can create brittle branches. These branches have higher possibilities of snapping off. Also, long periods of dry and hot weather can affect the overall health and stability of the tree. 

  • Rainy Weather 

Oversaturated soil can cause healthy trees to topple over since the root system isn’t stable anymore. 

  • Strong Winds 

Strong winds can snap off tree branches. It can also leave the branches dangerously dangling and ready to fall on any occasion. 

  • Snowstorms 

Snow and ice can weaken and weigh down branches. 

Falling and Climbing 

A lot of kids are adventurous. That’s why they will climb a tree if they can. However, you need to be wary and mindful of the risk presented by falls from trees. 

A lot of individuals are killed by falls from trees every year. Though most of these deaths are from job accidents, a lot of children fall victim too. A lot of kids suffer bruises, bumps, and other severe injuries such as concussions and broken bones. 

Discouraging kids from climbing is the ideal thing you can do. Aside from being risky for kids, it can also damage the branches of the tree

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