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Steps on Installing Your New Window

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Installing a new window for your home can be a bit puzzling to do, however, in order to help you do it yourself, here are some steps to guide you through the process. 

  1. Trim and casing removal 

If you are replacing an old window, the first step in the journey of installing your new set of windows is to remove your window’s trim and your window’s jamb extension. Your window’s jamb extension is usually made of wood and is attached to the jamb of your window. To bring it down, grab a prybar to remove it with ease. 

2. Get rid of the old window 

After removing the jamb extension, get a screwdriver to unscrew your window. Take extra caution when it comes to handling your window so that you can avoid the possibility of breaking the glass in your window.  

3. Prepare the new opening for your new window 

After the removal of the jamb extension and the window itself, try to inspect if there are any needed repairs so that the window opening will be ready and prepared for the new window to be installed. Sometimes if it has been a while before you replaced your old window there can be problems with rot and leak thus if these problems happen, make sure to manage it right away so that installing the new window will be properly placed.  

4. Window stop replacement or inspection 

Wondering what a window stop is? A window stop is the wooden piece that you can see around the outer part of your window jamb. A window stop’s purpose is to make sure your window won’t slide out if you open your window. In simple explanation, it technically keeps your window in place. Check if the old window stop from your previous window is still viable, if it is, you can freely use it for your new window, however if you think it needs repair because it is damaged, then repair must take place first.  

5. Dry fit window 

Dry fitting your window is a procedure to make sure that you will avoid issues about fitment. Thus, through this procedure, you are sure that once you install your new window, it fits perfectly. 

6. Window installation 

In order to install your new window, you will need to put silicone in the edge of your window and after slide the window in place.  

7. Insulation 

Insulation is very important. The gaps in your windows needs to be insulated properly. Grab roll insulation pieces and put them in the gaps.  

8. Extension jams 

Just like how your old window has extension jam, your new window needs them too. Put in a trim molding you like too to add some finishing touches to your new window.  

There can be a lot of steps when it comes to installing a new window on your own, however if you do not have enough time to process all the steps on your own, you can always call the pros for help. New window installation is a service offered by Connect with them today and have your new windows installed in no time. 

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